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Virtually everyone has received a speeding or traffic ticket at some point, and our first reaction is usually disgust and anger. Our second reaction is typically resignation — it is so much of a hassle to take a day off from work and challenge the ticket in court. You will probably spend most of the day waiting around, wasting your time, and then the judge will find you guilty or at best knock a few dollars off your fine. What should you do?


Did you know that less than 5% of Americans challenge traffic tickets? Even though speeding tickets and traffic citations cost hundreds of dollars in obvious, up-front costs — and even more in insurance premium increases and points to your license — most people think it’s a “waste of time” to contest them. It’s not.

Contact a traffic ticket lawyer raleigh nc and speeding ticket defense attorney at Sparrow Law Firm to see how easy and cost-effective it is to have a lawyer to challenge your North Carolina speeding ticket or moving violation in Durham, New Hanover and other neighboring counties.


North Carolina traffic violations are expensive — they are much more costly than you probably realize. In addition to the average $100-$150 of the ticket itself, your ticket costs you hundreds, even thousands of dollars more in added insurance premiums.

For example: Assume this is your first offense, and the traffic offense you are charged with is Speeding — Less than 50 MPH. If your annual insurance premium were $1,500, an average amount your insurance company might raise your premium is $375 per year for three years. That’s an extra cost to you, after a single, relatively minor speeding ticket, of $1,125.

At the Criminal defense attorney Raleigh in NC, we are committed to helping people contest traffic tickets. Remember — this is a criminal charge, especially in an auto accident with injuries, and you are innocent until proven guilty. It is the State’s job to prove you are guilty — do not do it for them!


Paying your traffic citation through the mail is a guilty plea. Pleading guilty means you will be fined the maximum amount allowed by law. If you plead not guilty and you ask for a court date, you stand a very good chance of reducing your fine, reducing the points on your license, and protecting yourself from skyrocketing insurance rates. In many cases, As a traffic ticket lawyer raleigh nc, I will file motions for appropriate relief and I can appear on your behalf so you won’t have to miss work!

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