Assault With A Deadly Weapon in Raleigh

At Sparrow Law Firm in Raleigh, we represent people who face misdemeanor and felony assault charges in North Carolina courts. North Carolina recognizes dozens of kinds of assault. These range from simple assault to assault on a female to assault on a child under 12 or assault on a police officer, as well as assault with a deadly weapon.

While some are misdemeanors such as assault with a deadly weapon or assault inflicting serious injury, others are felonies with very serious punishments. The most serious type of felony assault is considered to be assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

Under the law, “serious injury” and “intent to kill” have special definitions:

  • Serious injury generally means any injury that could require medical attention. Usually, the victim is not required to actually seek or receive medical care. It is enough that the personal injury is of the sort that could require a doctor’s attention.
  • Intent to kill is present when the evidence supports allegations that the person committing the assault intended to kill the victim. Circumstances that can establish intent to kill include the facts of the assault itself, any threats or words that were said and any previous bad blood between the people involved.


There does not have to be a firearm involved for a person to face charges of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. Under North Carolina law, guns, knives, bats, blunt objects and even vehicles can all be considered deadly weapons when used in a certain way.

Even items that are not normally thought of as weapons are considered to be “deadly weapons” under the law when they are used to kill. A deadly weapon can include a gun, a belt used on a child or a broken bottle. Even a person’s bare hands may be considered deadly weapons depending on how they were used and the relative size of the alleged attacker in relationship to the victim.

When we handle your case, we thoroughly review all of the evidence against you. If evidence was collected or handled improperly, there is a good chance that we can have it excluded from use against you at trial. When critical evidence is unusable, prosecutors are more likely to drop or reduce charges.


If you are facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon in Raleigh, do not delay in seeking the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney. To talk with a criminal defense lawyer about the legal problems you face, call Sparrow Law Firm toll free at 919-975-4247 or simply contact us online. Consultations are free and confidential.