Raleigh Man Arrested in Murder Plot - Sparrow Law Firm

A 43-year-old Raleigh man is in jail, and his ex-wife may be sleeping a little more easily because of it. The man was arrested by Wake County sheriff’s deputies this week on suspicion of soliciting a jail inmate to murder his ex-wife.

The ex-husband was convicted of criminal contempt last May after failing to pay child support. He served 30 days in jail. He maintained his innocence and appealed, but his appeal was denied. In October, having apparently not complied with all terms of the May order, he was convicted again and sentenced to 30 more days in jail. It was during that time in the Wake County jail, authorities believe, that he met his co-conspirator and hatched the plot against his ex-wife.

His co-conspirator is in jail without benefit of bail, charged with murder in another case. He allegedly participated with three others in a fatal shooting last May. He is also being held on felony drug charges.

The investigation into the scheme is ongoing. A representative of the sheriff’s office said that there was no information regarding the reasons for the murder plot; nor would she speculate.

The ex-husband faces one count of conspiracy and one count of solicitation to commit a felony. Bail was set at $2 million. The co-conspirator has not been charged in this case.

If convicted, the ex-husband will likely spend the rest of his life in jail. A murder conviction in North Carolina can mean the death penalty. Conspiracy to commit murder is a B2 felony and carries a life sentence. Solicitation to commit a felony is a C felony, carrying a 50 years or life sentence.

Resource: Raleigh News Observer “Raleigh Man Solicited Ex-wife’s Attempted Murder” 11/4/10