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What should I do if I receive a traffic citation in New Hanover County?

If you receive a traffic citation in New Hanover County, carefully review the information on the ticket, including the courthouse location and court date. It’s essential to appear in court on the specified date to avoid additional legal consequences. Consider reaching out to Michelle Sparrow, a criminal defense attorney located in Wilmington, NC, who has successfully defended hundreds of traffic tickets throughout North Carolina.


Understanding the New Hanover County Courthouse:

The New Hanover County Courthouse, located in downtown Wilmington, handles various types of legal matters, including traffic citations. If you receive a ticket in New Hanover County, this is the courthouse where you will need to appear. It’s essential to note that you cannot choose to attend court in another county or courthouse; you must go to the specific courthouse listed on your citation.

Navigating New Hanover County Traffic Court Procedures

When you receive a traffic ticket in New Hanover County, the citation will include the courthouse location and the court date. In New Hanover County, traffic court is held in two different courtrooms: courtroom 200 and courtroom 317. The calendar is called at 9:30 AM, and you must be present to answer when your name is called.

During the proceedings, the assistant district attorney (DA) will call you up to discuss your case.  

However, it’s crucial to understand that the assistant DA cannot provide legal advice or guide you on what steps to take. Their role is not to advise you, which is why having an attorney like Michelle Sparrow to represent you can be incredibly beneficial. 

Consolidating Multiple New Hanover County Traffic Citations:

One significant advantage of having legal representation is the potential to consolidate multiple traffic citations in New Hanover County into a single court date. If you have several pending tickets in New Hanover County, an attorney like Michelle Sparrow, can help you combine them, saving you time and money on court costs and fines.

NEW HANOVER NC Traffic Court FAQs:

1. What happens if I don’t show up to court for my New Hanover County traffic citation? 

Failing to appear in court for your New Hanover County traffic citation can result in additional charges, fines, and even a warrant for your arrest. It’s crucial to attend your court date or seek the assistance of an attorney who can appear on your behalf.

2. How can an attorney help me with my New Hanover County traffic citations? 

An experienced criminal defense attorney like Michelle Sparrow, can provide valuable legal guidance, represent you in court, and work towards achieving a favorable outcome for your New Hanover County traffic citation case. 

3. What are the hours of operation for the New Hanover County Courthouse? 

The New Hanover County Courthouse is typically open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding holidays. However, it’s essential to verify the specific hours of operation for the traffic court and to arrive on time for your scheduled court appearance. 

Protect Your Rights: Hire the Best Traffic Ticket Attorney in New Hanover, NC

When you’re facing a traffic ticket in New Hanover, NC, hiring the best traffic ticket attorney is essential to protect your rights, driving record, and future. Choose a highly experienced and knowledgeable attorney who specializes in traffic law, possesses a deep understanding of the local court system, and has a proven track record of achieving favorable outcomes for their clients.

The best traffic ticket attorney in New Hanover, NC, will provide personalized attention, develop a strong defense strategy tailored to your specific case, and offer comprehensive legal services to address all aspects of your situation. They will work tirelessly to negotiate with prosecutors, gather evidence, and represent you in court, striving to get your charges reduced or dismissed. By investing in quality legal representation, you can minimize the impact of a traffic violation on your life, avoid costly fines and insurance rate increases, and ensure that your rights are fully protected every step of the way.