South Carolina Mother Confesses to Killing Her Sons - Sparrow Law Firm

Shaquan Duley, a resident of South Carolina, confessed to murdering her two young sons. The boys were 18 months and 2 years old when their mother allegedly suffocated them by holding her hand over their mouths until they stopped breathing. She then placed their bodies in her car and claimed that they drowned when the car rolled into the Edisto River. She later confessed to the murders.

The Orangeburg County Sheriff says that he believes Ms. Duley was “distraught” after fighting with her own mother who was supporting the family financially. She was living with her mother along with her two sons and her 5-year-old daughter who is currently staying with her grandmother. It has been reported that her mother told her she was not taking good care of her children. The family tension led to the tragic deaths of her two sons.

Two toddlers and a young daughter require a lot of time and attention. The sheriff suspects that Duley became “fed up with her mother” and felt that she could be “free” if she did not have to take care of the young boys.

Although Ms. Duley said nothing during her first court appearance, her criminal defense attorney says that she is “remorseful” about “the allegations.” A circuit court judge will determine whether or not she will receive bail. That hearing date has not been set.

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Source: Naimah Jabali-Nash “Shaquan Duley ‘Remorseful,’ Says Lawyer” Aug 19 2010