Levels of Homicide Cases in Raleigh, North Carolina - Sparrow Law Firm

Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney, Michelle Sparrow, illustrates the numerous degrees of homicide in North Carolina.

In North Carolina, there are varying degrees in terms of homicide cases such as:

  • First Degree or Capital Murder
  • Second Degree Murder
  • Involuntary Manslaughter
  • Voluntary Manslaughter
  • Vehicular Manslaughter

The main difference to be aware of is the difference between manslaughter and murder. In order to be convicted of murder or homicide, malicious intent has to be proven. Manslaughter is killing without prior, malicious intent.

First degree murder requires planning or premeditation. Second degree murder is a murder that occurs during an assault not motivated by murder but where death was still a possibility. This often happens during armed robbery or rape.

Involuntary manslaughter is an accidental crime such as killing someone in a drunk driving accident. Voluntary manslaughter is charged when someone is killed and the jury finds that the defendant was provoked by the victim and then killed the victim out of overwhelming emotion rather than sound judgment.

Sparrow Law Firm will work to build a strong defense by asking questions regarding intent, self-defense, and malice. We will fight to drop or reduce your charges by developing evidence that supports your innocence.

If you are being investigated for any degree of homicide, contact the Raleigh criminal defense attorneys at Sparrow Law Firm.