What To Do If You Get a Traffic Ticket in North Carolina - Sparrow Law Firm

Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney, Michelle Sparrow, explains traffic ticket offense counsel for those who live out of state from North Carolina.

You travel to North Carolina to see your niece graduate high school. You get pulled over for speeding and the officer hands you a ticket for $150. The problem is that you live in Florida. Are you going to have to make another trip back to North Carolina to contest your citation? Should you just pay it?

Most of the time Sparrow Law Firm can help you with a traffic violation even if you live out of state. Communication regarding the matter can be done via phone or email. It is also possible to sign a waiver allowing a representative at Sparrow Law Firm to appear on your behalf in court if you move to challenge the ticket.

It is important to try and contest a traffic ticket. The average traffic ticket in North Carolina ranges from $100-$150 but there can be hidden costs that go unrealized with traffic citations. Increased insurance rates and a suspended license are examples of other consequences that could arise from a traffic violation.

If you have received a traffic ticket, don’t just pay it. Contact the Raleigh criminal defense lawyers at Sparrow Law Firm for a free consultation.