Drug Conspiracy Charges in Raleigh, NC - Sparrow Law Firm

Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney, Michelle Sparrow, defines and explains a Drug Conspiracy Charge as it would be handled in North Carolina.

A drug conspiracy charge is, in basic terms, an agreement between two or more individuals to violate federal drug laws.

Criminal drug investigations are normally investigated over a period of time and involve intense scrutiny over all aspects of the lives of potential suspects. This could also include investigation of not only the relationships between a suspect and others, but investigation into the lives of anyone connected to a potential suspect.

If, for example, two of your friends were under investigation for the possession of illegal drugs you could possibly be investigated because of your relationship with them. Let’s say you drove them one time to pick up drugs or delivered a related message regarding that illegal activity. In that case, you could be convicted for drug conspiracy whether or not you were ever in possession of drugs yourself.

No matter what role you play in this agreement, participation in this federal offense puts you at risk of conviction in the court of law.



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