DWI Arrest In North Carolina: The Need For Strong Legal Counsel - Sparrow Law Firm

It is certainly understandable for any motorist who has never been stopped or ticketed for any driving-related infraction in North Carolina to be a bit fuzzy on state laws regarding moving violations.

That is certainly true concerning the state’s drunk driving laws, which are complex and address a number of factors.

If you’ve never been stopped by a police officer in North Carolina on suspicion of drunk driving, you likely don’t have a clue as to what is involved.

If, conversely, you have, you know fully well what the process entails and certainly don’t want to go through it twice.

The reason: North Carolina’s DWI laws are flatly harsh, with tough treatment meted out to suspected drunk drivers from the moment a stop is made.

The state’s implied consent law provides that a motorist who has been stopped following a probable cause determination that he or she was driving while impaired is legally required to submit to BAC testing. Failure to comply can result in a lengthy license suspension.

A stopped motorist can fully expect to be administered one or multiple field sobriety tests. A trip to jail is a certainty, as are subsequent trips to court and a substantial financial outlay for fines and related costs. Ultimately, an actual jail term could be imposed, along with loss of driving privileges, required community service and additional exactions.

At the Sparrow Law Firm, we defend North Carolina motorists who are facing drunk driving-related charges. We do so with client empathy and passion, knowing that everyone can make a mistake and needs legal help when squaring off against the formidable resources of state authorities.

Police officers sometimes make mistakes when stopping motorists, and testing equipment is sometimes flawed. Moreover, prosecutors sometimes inappropriately charge. All these realities create opportunities for experienced DWI defense attorneys to mitigate criminal outcomes.

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