Amanda Hayes Trial Update - Sparrow Law Firm

As many readers know, the trial of Amanda Hayes is being broadcast live on Raleigh’s WRAL. The 41-year-old is accused of murder in the death of her husband’s ex-girlfriend, Laura Ackerson.

You might recall that her husband, Grant Hayes, was convicted last year and sentenced to life in prison.


Recent testimony in the trial included an account from the lead homicide detective in the case, who told the court that Amanda Hayes was spotted on department store surveillance cameras buying bleach and rubber gloves.

Prosecutors apparently believe the items were used to clean up evidence of the murder.

Amanda Hayes has an adult daughter who testified at her mother’s trial, saying she noticed a powerful odor of bleach in the apartment because her mother typically used vinegar to clean.

Ackerson was in a legal dispute with Grant Hayes over their two young children.

Both Amanda Hayes and Grant Hayes are accused of killing Ackerson and then disposing of her dismembered remains near the Texas home of Amanda Hayes’ sister.

Defense attorneys contend that Amanda Hayes was controlled by a manipulative husband who forced her to help him dispose of Ackerman’s remains.

They contend that Amanda Hayes didn’t know of the killing until after she and her husband drove to Texas.

If found guilty of first-degree homicide, Amanda Hayes faces the possibility of being sentenced to spend the rest of her life in a North Carolina prison without the possibility of parole.

The trial continues today with Amanda Hayes’ testimony, with the proceedings are being broadcast live.

Source: WRAL, “Hayes caught on Target security video day after Ackerson’s death,” Feb. 10, 2014