All Clear: Fixing A North Carolina Driving Record - Sparrow Law Firm

There is a wide variety of reasons why a Raleigh motorist might have their North Carolina driver’s license suspended or revoked.

Some traffic offenses can result in a loss of driving privileges upon conviction. For instance, driving while impaired can result in a one-year suspension in some cases. A second DWI can result in a four-year suspension, while a third conviction can result in permanent revocation of the license.

Speeding offenses can also result in license suspensions, as can racing violations and reckless driving convictions.

For example, two convictions for speeding over 55 mph within a year can result in license suspension; so, too, can a speeding over 55 mph conviction coupled with a reckless driving conviction within a year.

Those suspensions are in addition to any criminal penalties (jail time, fines, etc.) that a court might decide on for the motorist, of course.

However, a driver does have the right to a hearing on the suspension. Those hearings are held in whichever judicial district you reside in.

A driver can be represented at the hearing by an attorney who understands not only the law and the evidence in the case, but also understands DMV processes and procedures.

A DMV decision may also be appealed by Raleigh residents within 30 days to Wake County’s Superior Court. Residents of other cities or towns can appeal to the Superior Court in their county.

Prevailing can mean restoration of driving privileges, enabling a motorist to get to and from work or school, and simply enjoy being able to come and go as they please. It can also mean that auto insurance rates won’t skyrocket because the person’s license was suspended by the state.

Source: North Carolina DMV, “Driver Improvement Clinics, Suspensions, & Revocations,” Feb. 2014