Raleigh, Clayton Drug Charges Filed Against Four - Sparrow Law Firm

Your home, your car and your money. Those are just some of the assets that can be seized by the government in a drug trafficking arrest.

Those kinds of property seizures might well be among the legal issues a Raleigh couple is dealing with after their recent arrests for trafficking marijuana. They were also charged with maintaining their Ruffin Street duplex and their Honda Accord for storing and selling a controlled substance.

According to a media report, the pair is accused of having between 10 and 50 pounds of pot to be sold.

Elsewhere in Raleigh, a 42-year-old man was being held on two counts of dealing heroin. An arrest warrant stated that the Barwell Road man had more than 28 grams in his possession.

Also in the media report was an account of arrests in Clayton that were triggered by suspicions by Duke Energy Progress officials that electrical power was being stolen at a Mocha Lane house.

Investigators said they found more than six dozen marijuana plants being grown in a garage at the residence, according to a Johnston County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson.

A woman, 43, and man, 39, who live at the address were both arrested. She’s charged with trafficking and conspiracy, while he faces accusations that he maintained the house.

Before any of these four arrested discusses their situations with a prosecutor, they should go over the evidence and allegations with their criminal defense attorney. Not only is their freedom at stake, but very possibly their homes and other possessions as well.

Source: newsobserver.com, “Wake, Johnston investigations lead to drug-trafficking charges against four,” Jan. 23, 2014