North Carolina Continues to Crack Down on Meth Use, Manufacturing - Sparrow Law Firm

Authorities across North Carolina are cracking down on the possession, selling and manufacturing of crystal methamphetamine. In fact, the state busted more meth labs in 2013 than ever before. Law enforcement agencies took down 561 meth labs in 2013, compared to 460 the year earlier. The majority of these were not big operations at all, but the consequences for related convictions are still often very severe.

According to the North Carolina attorney general, the crackdown on meth labs is possible due to the increased monitoring of the pharmacy purchases of the citizens of North Carolina.

Meth is made using common cold medications that contain pseudoephedrine, and as of late law enforcement agencies have been able to track how much cold medicine people are buying. People who buy pseudoephedrine with any frequency may end up being tracked by law enforcement officers due to a shared database where pharmacies report sales.

By law, North Carolina residents cannot purchase more than three packages of pseudoephedrine or more than two packages at one time, but even when people make law-abiding purchases, they may end up being flagged by authorities.

Those who face charges related to crystal meth should seek legal counsel. These are very serious charges that can lead to potentially long-term penalties, but in many cases strong criminal defense options exist. It may be possible to avoid many of the harsh consequences and resolve the case in the best way possible, but it is important for defendants of drug charges to understand all of their rights and options.

Source: Carolina Public Press, “NC sets record for meth lab busts in 2013, with slight uptick in WNC,” Jon Elliston, Jan. 10, 2013