Former Unc Player Facing Marijuana Charges - Sparrow Law Firm

A few miles northwest of Raleigh, police entered a home owned by University of North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams.

Inside the Chapel Hill residence, police said they found a former UNC basketball player and an illegal substance. The former player was arrested on a charge of marijuana possession, as well as a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police said the former player agreed to the search of the home he is renting from Williams.

Officers said they found a number of illegal items inside: “two burnt blunts,” marijuana seeds and “three blunts.”

A university spokesperson said the former player has been working on a degree at the school and is also working part-time this semester for the Tar Heels as a video coordinator.

Williams was aware of Friday’s arrest, a Raleigh TV station reported, and “disappointed.”

The former player issued a statement in which he apologized to his family and friends, Williams, the Carolina family and the university. He said that though he has completed his degree this semester, he has “no urge to celebrate that accomplishment because of the situation…”

In a growing number of states, possession of a small amount of marijuana is perfectly legal. But here in North Carolina, marijuana laws stand as always, posing a real threat to the careers and educational opportunities of those arrested and convicted.

Confronting criminal charges alone can be a daunting task. Most find that not only is the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney reassuring, but that their legal knowledge is the most effective tool available to help protect rights.

Source: WTVD, “Drug bust at home owned by UNC coach Roy Williams,” Dec. 13, 2013