North Carolina Failed To Make DWI Case Information Available - Sparrow Law Firm

North Carolina was discovered in 2006 to be handling DWI cases in vastly different ways, depending on the county, and even the judge or prosecutor. This revelation brought about a law requiring the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts to share detailed DWI case information on its Web page.

A recent audit, however, shows that the AOC has failed to do so. The AOC says that its technology budget and state funding cuts have made it difficult to share the information, and it needs $25 million more for computer upgrades.

The DWI case information would bring transparency to what is occurring in North Carolina’s courts. The 2006 investigation showed a major disparity in DWI conviction rates from county to county, ranging from 10 percent to 90 percent.

Whether the AOC’s failure to comply with the 2006 law arises from negligence or budget cuts, the recent audit has brought visibility to the lack of reporting.

Source: Charlotte Observer, “Audit: State failed to make detailed DWI data public,” Ames Alexander, Sept. 26, 2013