Another Nfl Player in the News for Dwi - Sparrow Law Firm

Maybe it is because it is the offseason, but for some reason, there have been several NFL players recently in the news for drinking and driving. Most recently, David Diehl, who is a starting left tackle for the Giants, was arrested for DWI.

According to reports, the 31-year-old player had been watching a soccer match between Croatia, which is where his relatives are from, and Ireland. When he left the bar after celebrating a win for Croatia, he allegedly got behind the wheel of his black BMW after having too much to drink.

Diehl then reportedly crashed his vehicle into two parked cars. Police arrived on the scene to investigate the crash and became suspicious as to whether Diehl had been drinking. They requested that he take a Breathalyzer test and he submitted. Diehl allegedly blew a 0.18, or twice the legal limit for alcohol.

He was arrested and was brought into custody. Thankfully, he was not injured in the crash, but his reputation as someone without a criminal record may have been damaged. That is, if he is convicted on the charges against him.

In North Carolina, a conviction for DWI can permanently mark one’s record. This can affect several areas of one’s life. This is why it is extremely important for people facing DWI charges in North Carolina to attempt to keep their records as clear as possible under the circumstances.

It is possible to beat DWI charges, or at least reduce the consequences of the arrest, so that an alcohol-related incident does not haunt you for the rest of your life.

Source: New York Post, “Giants star in DWI bust,” Larry Celona and Paul Schwartz, June 11, 2012