Nc State Student Faces Drunk Driving Charges After Sunday Crash - Sparrow Law Firm

A North Carolina State junior civil engineering major faces drunk driving charges after a serious car accident this weekend left another student in critical condition. Authorities say that the accident happened on campus on Dan Allen drive. It appears that the junior was turning into a service road to the Dan Allen Parking Deck when he cut off a cyclist.

The cyclist landed on the driver’s windshield and sustained serious injuries. Campus police responding to the scene apparently took a breath test which indicated that the junior’s blood alcohol level was 0.12 percent, which is above the legal limit of 0.08 percent. It is also unclear whether the junior was of drinking age or if he will also face underage drinking charges.

A search warrant was also obtained for the junior’s blood. The blood is being tested by the State Bureau of Investigation alcohol and other substances which could have had an impact in this particular crash.

Drunk driving charges are specially serious when filed against young individuals. A drunk driving conviction can derail a college student’s education and make it hard for the student to find employment. Many schools will also expel individuals who are convicted of crimes while being a student.

Additionally, a drunk driving charge that arises out of a pedestrian accident can also turn into vehicular assault or manslaughter charges. In addition to jail or prison time, these charges can result in a felony criminal record that makes securing housing or work extremely difficult for a North Carolina resident.

Source: News Observer, “N.C. State student critically injured in collision,” Feb. 20, 2012