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Felony Prescription Drug Possession Nc


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All states are obliged to regulate and control the possession of controlled dangerous substances (CDS) because of their potential effects to others. Some states may have different definitions of CDS, and North Carolina has its own interpretation of CDS and an expert defense lawyer can describe it properly.

In North Carolina, not only marijuana, heroin and cocaine are classified as CDS, but also the compounds that are used to make them. However, illegally making and selling CDS have different penalties with them.

North Carolina classifies CDS into six “Schedules,” all of which can be elaborated into two separate classifications.

Schedule I drugs are generally the most dangerous drugs, as they have the highest probability of abuse and addiction. Unfortunately, they also do not possess any medical value.

  • Schedule I drugs include drugs like LSD, heroin and ecstasy. They have a high potential for substance abuse, and can be potentially dangerous to others.

Meanwhile, Schedules II, III, IV, V and VI drugs decrease in dangerousness and probability in abuse. They also increase in their recognized medical uses.

  • Schedule II drugs include methamphetamines, cocaine, methadone and opium. They are slightly less dangerous than their previous counterpart, but they have high risk of addiction.
  • Schedule III drugs include ketamine, anabolic steroids and some depressants. They are addictive but have an acceptable number of medical uses.
  • Schedule IV drugs are often prescribed by doctors, but they are addictive. These include Xanax, Valium and other sedatives.
  • Schedule V drugs are not that addictive, but they are still controlled by prescription. These include cough drops that contain less than 200 milligrams of codeine per 100 milliliters of ezogabine.
  • Schedule VI drugs have no medical use and have very low risk of addiction. This includes marijuana.

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