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Felony Categories In North Carolina


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Crimes in North Carolina are generally divided into two classes: misdemeanors and felonies. Felony crimes are divided up to ten different categories, all with a broad range of seriousness in the offense.

For instance, a Class I felony is the least serious type of felony. It only carries a maximum penalty of 24 months in jail. Meanwhile, a Class A felony, the most severe of the categories, carries a maximum penalty of either life imprisonment or even death. The final outcome in any felony case will depend on the individual facts of the case, a person’s criminal record, and any agreements the defendant enters into within the district attorney’s office.

These “classes” can be divided into three categories:

Low level felonies are some felonies that may not carry mandatory jail time. There are many property-related crimes such as felony larceny, embezzlement and obtaining property via false pretenses can be considered low-level Class H or Class I felonies. These crimes may only have the offender have a certain probation. Some drug offenses, such as possession or small sales of controlled substances, are also considered low-level felonies.

Probationary sentences often have special conditions, such as house arrest, jail weekends, and even community service.

Meanwhile, Mid-level felonies also carry the possibility of intensive probation. However, these only depend on the defendant’s criminal record. Mid-level Class E, Class F or Class G felonies include violent assaults, involuntary manslaughter, common-law robbery, impaired driving and even some sexual assaults.

However, some convictions do have lengthy prison sentence, and drug trafficking crimes may carry a mandatory minimum jail time.

The last level, High-level felonies, are the most severe kinds of felonies and are reserved for Class A, Class B1 or B2, Class C and Class D felonies. These include crimes such as arson, burglary, armed robbery, voluntary manslaughter and murder.

A lot of the highest level felonies include sexual violence, such as statutory or forcible rape. Some drug trafficking felonies often are considered high-level felonies as well. They may carry very high mandatory minimum sentences. Others may even have life imprisonment or death via lethal injection as an option.

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