Court Locations in North Carolina

There are various courts through North Carolina, all of them located in a wide variety of counties. However, more than half of the most prominent courts in North Carolina are located in Raleigh, the capital of the state.

In this website, three counties are highlighted and their respective courts: these are Raleigh, Wake and Durham. Each of the most prominent courts inside these counties are elaborated on their respective pages.

Court etiquette

Despite the varying locations of courts inside North Carolina’s counties, it may be important to understand just what one should wear in the presence of other people in courtrooms. It is always important to appear neat and clean, as the courtroom is a serious place, and dressing appropriately will do well to reflect its importance.

Dress conservatively, as in try to dress in what you might wear to church or to a formal event. This means shower and groom properly, and have nice clothes. Formal dresses are not required, but it always help to look professional.

This is important because this immediately shows respect to the judge. It shows that one is taking the law in all seriousness.