The Legal Consequences of Opioid Abuse in North Carolina - Sparrow Law Firm

The recent increase in availability of opioid drugs has created a crisis in the state of North Carolina as the number of illegal users skyrockets. This rise in abuse is due to the frequency these drugs are being prescribed by doctors who are facing pressure from big pharmaceutical companies.

Being addicted to these pain relievers is a difficult medical condition, and it’s understandable why those who feel they have no option but to continue using these substances will turn to any source they can to continue usage. However, being caught with illegal opioids is a serious offense. It can be scary to be faced with a criminal charge when you’re already suffering from a severe addiction.

U.S. law defines opioids as Schedule II drugs. This means they have a high likelihood of abuse and they are considered dangerous to the general public when not used under close supervision of a doctor.

North Carolina has recently passed a law which attempts to lessen the misuse and abuse of opioids. This law is known as the Strengthen Opioid Misuse Prevention (STOP) Act of 2017. This act lessens the number of opioids in circulation and it provides stricter structure for healthcare providers to use when prescribing these drugs to patients.

If you are facing an opioid charge, it can be difficult for everyone involved. Opioid addiction can be painful, and you might feel like you’re out of options for overcoming this challenge. Seeking legal representation can help mitigate the damages and prevent you from serving jail time during this already difficult time.

The most important thing in these cases is that you get the medical support you need to overcome this addiction. The legal repercussions will be lessened in cases were the charged demonstrates their willingness and commitment to reclaiming their health.

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