Helping Clients as a Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney - Sparrow Law Firm

Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney, Michelle Sparrow, demonstrates the various ways that Sparrow Law Firm assists clients as a law firm in North Carolina.

When you hire Sparrow Law Firm, there is a step process performed by your attorneys to ensure you are getting the most help with your case as possible.

The first thing the attorneys at Sparrow Law Firm will do is to collect information about the incident. Not only are they trying to collect as much information as possible but a detailed, personal account of what happened. From here they can begin to ask questions that fill in any blank voids of information they may be missing in order to build your defense.

The next priority is going to be to find out what the state of North Carolina has as evidentiary support in this matter. Do they have witnesses? Do they have fingerprints? Did they legally obtain audio/video evidence? Has it been checked for tampering?

Additionally, your attorneys will take into account your background, including your personal relationships and prior record. If there are any additional resources that Sparrow Law Firm can impart onto their clients to enrich their lives and help them get through whatever matter is pertaining to this case they would then make the effort to do so.

If you are seeking counsel, contact the Raleigh criminal defense attorneys at Sparrow Law Firm for a free consultation.