Doctor Shopping in Raleigh, NC - Sparrow Law Firm

Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney, Michelle Sparrow, explains the nature of the criminal offense known as ‘Doctor Shopping’ and how it would be handled in North Carolina.

‘Doctor Shopping’ is a common practice in which an individual will visit multiple doctors in an attempt to receive multiple prescriptions for a medication. This could be done in attempt to illegally abuse a certain drug or with the intent to illegally distribute a certain drug.

‘Doctor Shopping’ is a type of a prescription fraud, the illegal procurement of prescription drugs. Other examples of prescription fraud include altering a prescription for a higher pill count or dosage and impersonating a doctor or office representative to fraudulently call in a prescription. Potential drugs in prescription fraud cases include: Morphine, OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax, etc.

At Sparrow Law Firm we are committed to helping our clients, not just on criminal charges but moving forward as well. This includes helping to find medical providers and resources to help for clients facing addiction.

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