3 East Carolina Students Facing Serious Drug Charges - Sparrow Law Firm

College can be an exciting and educational time in any student’s life. For many young people, it marks the first time they will be away from their parents and living on their own. It is very common for kids in this situation to take advantage of their new-found independence, and this can and often does lead to some bad decisions and very harsh lessons.

When these bad decisions equate criminal misconduct, however, the consequences could be severe and prosecutors can be quite unforgiving when it comes to seeking a conviction and aggressive sentences. This is crucial for parents to keep in mind if their child is facing serious charges.

Recently, three young students at East Carolina University were involved in a very serious situation. Officers from six different law enforcement departments launched an investigation into alleged drug activity in a student living facility. The officers, who were part of a regional Drug Task Force, reportedly identified the three students after seizing significant amounts of marijuana, codeine and cocaine from an apartment where the three students were evidently living.Â

The students, who are 19 and 20, were arrested and charged with several felony drug offenses, including possession, possession with intent to sell, destruction of evidence and maintaining a dwelling. If convicted, each of them could be facing years-long jail sentences and huge fines.

In addition to these already serious repercussions, the students could also lose out on any educational or athletic scholarships they may have, and their role as students could be in jeopardy.Â

The parents of these students and any other young person accused of a crime can be very upset and disappointed in their kids. However, it can be crucial to protect young people from having to pay for a youthful mistake for the rest of their lives.

A criminal record can make it difficult for a young person to continue school and find a job, so it is important to be aggressive in defending against charges and pursuing alternative or lenient sentencing when appropriate. Of course it is important for young people to understand that actions have consequences, but the consequences should not have to jeopardize their entire future.

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