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Drug use is rampant among young people today, however it is spreading to the adult population too. There is a myth that the older you get, the smarter you get. Experience doesn’t necessarily make you more intelligent. Sometimes even professional adults end up facing drug charges.

Eight people were brought up for drug crimes in Rowan County, North Carolina, recently. To the utter surprise to the entire community, it included a medical doctor, three teachers and three additional school employees. They were each caught in a sting operation that involved obtaining pain medication illegally. This information was provided by both state and local police.

China Grove police and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation postulate that the physician, who is a family practitioner in China Grove, penned multiple prescriptions that he gave to his wife and many other people. They would then take them to a pharmacy to be filled.

In total, eight individuals were found to be buying and using prescription drugs illegally.

The police chief of China Grove said that the eight individuals were officially charged on Wednesday, July 9 in Salisbury, North Carolina. The doctor, who is 48, and his wife, who is 44 and a second-grade teacher at a local school in China Grove, North Carolina, are being charged with trafficking opiates by possession. The six other people who are involved have been charged with a conspiracy to commit prescription fraud by forgery.

They range in age from 31 to 53. Two are teacher’s assistants at the same school as the doctor’s wife. One is a third-grade teacher at the same school and one is the administrative assistant at a different school in the area. Yet another teacher from a Christian School is being brought in on charges as well.

While it isn’t apparent that students were involved, the doctor allegedly wrote approximately 200 prescriptions that put over 25,000 pills on the streets.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and everyone deserves representation in a court of law. However, even just an arrest for drug charges can ruin a person’s career. An experienced attorney can protect a defendant’s rights and build a strong defense in such cases.

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