Looking for PTSD Relief, NC Man Heads to Colorado for Marijuana - Sparrow Law Firm

Many people across the country live with post-traumatic stress disorder. It affects some war veterans, abuse victims and others who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, people with post-traumatic stress disorder often experience flashbacks triggered by images or words, depression, memory loss, and anger problems, among other debilitating symptoms that can make everyday life challenging.

Some people who live with PTSD find relief through medication or psychotherapy, but those options are not enough for everyone. One Union County Army veteran says that marijuana has been the most effective medication for him. Unfortunately, medical marijuana is not legal in North Carolina.

The veteran told a local news station recently that he plans to travel to Colorado for 10 days to buy the marijuana he needs to cope with the symptoms of his PTSD. Recently he was arrested for growing marijuana in his home. He called the police on himself to make a point that medical marijuana should be legal in North Carolina.

The legalization of medical marijuana is a hot topic across the country. While some states have chosen to allow it, others are holding out, worried about the effects it could have on crime or that some people will abuse it.

The fact of the matter is that some people truly do benefit from medical marijuana. When residents begin risking drug charges to travel across the country to seek the relief they so desperately need, it may be time to consider making a change.

Source: WBTV, “Despite NC laws Army vet plans to stock up on marijuana for PTSD,” David Spunt, March 19, 2014