North Carolina Students Charged with Drug Possession - Sparrow Law Firm

College is traditionally a time when young adults live away from home for what may be the first time. It is not uncommon for students to make mistakes and try things they might not have previously taken part in. Three young men in North Carolina who were recently arrested for drug possession may now know all too well how this can happen.

Police responded to a call that shots had been fired in the apartment complex at which two of the men lived. While there, they allegedly saw a man enter one of the apartments. When they went to investigate, they allegedly smelled marijuana, which prompted the officers to obtain a search warrant, according to police reports.

Police allegedly found a number of guns in the apartment. This included three assault rifles and several handguns. They also reportedly found thousands of dollars in cash and assorted drug paraphernalia.

The search led them to another residence in the same apartment complex. While there, police allegedly discovered another handgun and more drug paraphernalia. They also reportedly found a large amount of prescription medication and marijuana.

The three men who lived in the apartments that were searched were charged with drug possession. One was also charged for allegedly resisting arrest. Two of the men are students at East Carolina University. The other man was previously a student at a North Carolina community college but left school about a month ago, according to school officials.

For the young men in this incident, conviction for drug possession charges could greatly affect their future. Although they may have made some questionable choices, all three are accorded the right to be presumed innocent until– and only if — proven otherwise. Presenting a strong defense before an impartial court may be the best way to achieve a successful resolution.

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