North Carolina Gun Bill On Its Way To Governor For Signature - Sparrow Law Firm

A gun bill that was recently passed by the North Carolina House and Senate expands some gun owners’ concealed-carry rights. It also, however, increases the consequences for violations of some gun laws.

Sheriffs are able to revoke gun owners’ five-year licenses if something happens that would have made them ineligible for such licenses at the time of application. In addition, sheriffs will keep records of how many permit applications they have denied and the reasons for denial.

Gun owners with concealed-carry permits, however, will be allowed to bring their guns into bars, alcohol-serving restaurants, funerals, parades and even school campuses under restricted circumstances. In addition, local governments may not ban concealed guns from greenways or parks.

We will keep you updated on whether, and when, the governor signs the bill into law.

Source: News & Observer, “NC gun bill compromise keeps background checks in place,” Craig Jarvis, July 23, 2013