Man Loses Job After Dwi Charge - Sparrow Law Firm

Being pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving is never good, but when it results in losing your job, the consequences are severe. This happened to the community director of Morrison Residence Hall in North Carolina. The man was arrested Dec. 16 for suspicion of driving while impaired.

The man, 25, was arrested in the Morrison Circle parking lot after he was involved in a car accident. According to the accident report, the man was driving erratically and trying to park his car, when he backed up; he sideswiped another car, causing approximately $1,400 in damages. Officers at the scene noted alcohol on his breath and the man consented to a Breathalyzer test. He had a blood alcohol level of 0.15 and the legal limit in North Carolina is 0.08.

Because of this unfortunate incident, the man was let go from his job because of his “personal circumstances.”According to his employer the position he held is responsible for supervising resident advisers, overseeing desk operations and leading the community in fulfilling the housing department and school’s mission statement. His actions go against this philosophy.

While no one condones drinking and driving, it’s unfortunate that this man had to lose his job because of his mistake. North Carolina DWI laws are some of the strictest in the nation and if you’ve been arrested for a suspected DWI, you should contact a skilled DWI attorney. They understand the seriousness of the criminal charges. If convicted of DWI, you could face penalties including jail time, community service, loss of driving privileges and fines. An attorney specializing in DWI defense will help you get the fairest possible outcome.

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