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Robbery does not necessarily have to involve the taking of money. It can also include the taking of personal property or other articles of value.

In some cases, both money and property are involved. In a recent Raleigh robbery case, for example, authorities have brought charges against three men in connection with two robberies. One robbery was at a Citgo gas station. The other was at a grocery store.

Authorities allege that in the gas station robbery, the suspects took not only cash, but also a case of beer and cigarettes. In the grocery store robbery, the charges involve taking cash and beer.

Raleigh law enforcement authorities say a handgun was used in both of these robberies. That raises the stakes in the case, because robbery with a dangerous weapon is a more serious charge than robbery in which a dangerous weapon is not involved.

In other words, robbery in which a dangerous weapon is used is an aggravated form of robbery. This offense is also commonly called armed robbery.

Even if a defendant did not use the weapon, or even threaten to use it, prosecutors often bring charges of armed robbery if there was a weapon present.

The three men who are accused of the two robberies all have different bail statues. One man is being held on a $200,500 bond. Another is being held in jail on a bond of over $1 million because he also faces other charges. The third man is being held without bond due to an alleged probation violation.

Source: “Third arrest, charges added in Raleigh, Knightdale robberies,” News & Observer, 11-21-12

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