Drug Conspiracy Allegations Result in Felony Charges - Sparrow Law Firm

Whenever the FBI gets involved in an investigation of a possible drug conspiracy, agents will usually investigate over a long period of time as they gather enough evidence to put forth a seemingly overwhelming prosecution against those accused of being involved in the crime. Drug conspiracy charges may involve suspicion of drug trafficking, drug possession and drug distribution for drugs such as cocaine and marijuana.

Because federal authorities often cast a wide net in conspiracy investigations, this means that anyone who may have any relationship or contact with someone who is under investigation may also become a suspect in the federal investigation.

In a recent story involving an alleged drug conspiracy, a 33-year-old basketball fan is currently awaiting trial on federal cocaine and marijuana distribution charges. In addition to being suspected of conspiring to sell approximately 5 kilograms of cocaine during a seven-year period, he is also suspected of selling approximately 110 pounds of Marijuana during the last 12 months. He is among 16 people who were accused in the federal drug conspiracy investigation.

What is interesting about this story is that he apparently had contact with the Missouri Tigers NCAA basketball team. According to news reports, he was regularly entitled to ride with the team on their airplane to games throughout the country, and was also given complimentary tickets to several games during two basketball seasons.

Now, the players and other members of the team may be suspected as possibly exchanging the benefits of the airfare and free tickets for drugs.

Source: Fox News, “Missouri fan on team plane in federal drug probe,” June 11, 2012