Carjacking Results in Massive Marijuana Seizure - Sparrow Law Firm

In a bizarre case of a carjacking leading to serious drug charges for the carjacking victims, 170 pounds of marijuana were seized from a vehicle on its way from Utah to North Carolina. The carjacking and marijuana seizure occurred in Wyoming. One of the carjackers and both of the carjacking victims are currently in police custody.

Troopers received a call about a suspected carjacking on Interstate 80 at approximately 9:00 p.m. The carjacking victims claimed that the occupants of a red SUV took their vehicle by force and left them standing, unharmed, on the freeway. Troopers located the stolen vehicle and the red SUV at an interchange a short time later. The troopers reported seeing two of the suspected carjackers were removing items from the stolen vehicle and placing them in the SUV.

According to the authorities, when the troopers approached the suspects, the suspects sped off down the interstate in the SUV. With troopers in pursuit, the occupants of the vehicle began to hurl bricks of marijuana from the SUV. The 15-mile pursuit ended after the SUV exited the interstate and entered the town of Rawlins. The driver, who is currently missing, fled the scene on foot after crashing into a snow bank.

Currently, investigators believe that the marijuana bricks belonged to the carjacking victims. They also believe the alleged carjackers were stealing the marijuana, which had an estimated street value of $425,000. At this point, it remains unclear as to whether or not the carjackers were aware of the large quantity of marijuana apparently contained in the vehicle before the carjacking.

Source: Star Valley Independent, “Carjacking leads to 170 pound marijuana seizure,” 1/19/2011