Raleigh Police Await Extradition of Ex-student - Sparrow Law Firm

It’s not often that someone pays his $25,000 bond in cash, but it’s not often, either, that an ex-student from North Carolina State University is arrested with 26 pounds of marijuana in his car. The man was arrested on a traffic stop by a state trooper in Oklahoma, where drug trafficking charges were filed. From reports, it looks as if he hasn’t stopped talking since his arrest. Extradition to Raleigh is under way.

The defendant was a junior at NCSU last semester but did not enroll this term. Instead, according to police records, he flew to California with a friend to pick up the marijuana. He had wired the $70,000 payment in advance. His friend rented a van and flew back to Raleigh, and the defendant began his cross-country drive. He was picked up on January 8.

Hearing that his bail would be $25,000, the defendant told the trooper that he had that much cash at home. Again according to police records, the defendant called his house and asked his roommate to verify the cash on hand and to ask him to take the cash from the safe. And he kept talking, telling the trooper that he had made $250,000 last year selling marijuana to NCSU students.

Raleigh police searched the defendant’s home last week, turning up $26,123 in cash, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. They also found a computer, bank bags and noteboooks.

Last year, there were two major marijuana busts in Raleigh. In September, a Raleigh man was arrested with 36 pounds of marijuana in his possession. In May, police found 123 pounds at a local post office; the addressee was arrested and charged.

Source: Raleigh News & Observer, “Suspect says he made $250,000 at NCSU selling marijuana,” 01/25/11