Traffic Stop Reveals Marijuana Possession, Prosecution Deferred - Sparrow Law Firm

A judge has dropped misdemeanor marijuana possession charges against All-ACC football player Quan Sturdivant after he agreed last week to deferred prosecution in Stanley County district court. Assistant District Attorney John Phillips said Friday the Tar Heel linebacker’s record will be cleared by completing 24 hours of community service, undergoing a substance abuse assessment, and avoiding any further run-ins with the law for the next year.

Sturdivant’s lawyer stated his client was of good character and without a prior record. This type of agreement is typical for first-time offenders facing accusations of minor violations. Sturdivant possessed less than one-half of an ounce of marijuana when police searched him as part of a July 10th traffic stop in the parking lot of a Bojangles Restaurant in Albemarle. Possession of such a small amount of marijuana is considered a Class III misdemeanor, equivalent to a speeding ticket.

Sturdivant led the Tar Heels in tackles with 79 last season, earning All-ACC honors. Coach Butch Davis has stated he was disappointed in his player, and that the star senior will be disciplined by the team for his actions, though this punishment will not include suspension. Sturdivant will be eligible to play the nationally televised season-opener against Louisiana on Sept. 4.

Source: StarNews Online “Sturdivant gets deferred prosecution” 7/31/10