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Signs Of Prescription Drug Abuse


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Prescription drug abuse is a serious issue not just in the United States but in other parts of the world as well and a expert lawyer can help you. This is because a lot of people that are seeking treatment for certain diseases and conditions also rely on them. However, cases of drug addiction due to prescription drug abuse also rise because of this.

In the United States alone, opioids, tranquilizers, sedatives and stimulants are the leading drugs that are abused by their users. In fact, the number of people that sought treatment help for opioid addiction grew more than 400-percent in the decade.

Canada, too, reports of problems with the same type of drugs, though with a lower rate. Mexico has a slightly more abuse of opioid drugs than heroin, while amphetamine-type stimulants are often popular in South American. In Europe, it is often in Northern European countries such as Norway, Sweden and Finland that are fighting these problems with benzodiazepines.

In the U.S., national surveys have shown that people have been misusing drugs that are intended to treat severe pain, focus problems, sleepiness and anxiety. These drugs rank only second to marijuana in their rate of abuse.


In fact, substance abuse starts when people use the drugs prescribed to others in school, at work, in parties, and in similar occasions. These casual encounters and cases of “self-medication” can ignite symptoms that lead to addiction.

The signs may differ per prescription drug used. However, aside from not feeling pain in normal levels, they may complain of nausea, or look for remedies for constipation, and constricted pupils. Some may even manifest unnatural relaxation and drowsiness.

Other people may also have poor memory and speech abilities. Their coordination may be off, aggressive, agitated, paranoid and even suicidal. Headaches and insomnia are also common signs of prescription drug abuse.

Breathing may be slow, and when they stop using this drug, they are likely to manifest muscle and bone pain, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting and chills for a lot of days.

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