Penalties for Drug Possession in Raleigh, North Carolina - Sparrow Law Firm

Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney, Michelle Sparrow, explains the various penalties for drug possession in North Carolina.

Depending on the prior record of the individual in question, drug possession charges often result in a fine or probation. If there are previous charges on the individual’s record or if a larger quantity of drugs were found in possession, it is possible that the individual may serve an active sentence.

Possession of drug paraphernalia refers to possession of any items designed for or used to aid in drug use. This includes home-made or normal non-drug related items used for drug purposes. Examples of these items might be: bowls, spoons, empty drink containers, straws, etc.

Possession of drug paraphernalia can be combined with other drug offenses for conviction and is often taken more seriously than possession of a small amount of marijuana. It is important for a lawyer to determine that an investigation involving a potential drug paraphernalia charge obtained evidence legally and sufficiently in order to warrant a charge.

Possession with intent to deliver is normally determined when an individual is being investigated for possession. A large amount of drugs packaged in a particular way normally leads investigators to believe the drugs were not just meant for personal use but intended to be sold and distributed. Possession with intent is also often combined with other drug offenses and is considered a serious crime.

It is possible that if a mistake was made during an investigation, evidence was not sufficient enough, or if opposing parties or investigators obtained evidence illegally and unethically that charges could be dismissed. If not, it may also be possible to negotiate a plea deal or to have sentences reduced.

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