Why You Should Fight Your DUI Charge - Sparrow Law Firm

Some people, especially when it is their first DUI charge, think that the best thing to do is just to plead guilty to the charges they face and move on. However, this is hardly ever a good idea. In most cases, the smartest thing to do is to work with a criminal defense lawyer who can help you fight the charges.

Here are a few reasons why you should fight your DUI charge:

The consequences of a conviction are serious.

Even on your first DUI conviction you can potentially face jail time, a suspended license, community service and major fines. You will also have to deal with having a criminal record, which can stand in the way of qualifying for jobs, loans and housing.

It may still be possible to win you case even when all the evidence seems to be stacked against you.

Even if you failed field sobriety tests or a breath test, it doesn’t automatically mean you have lost your case. Issues that need to be explored by your defense lawyer include the reasonableness of the traffic stop, whether you were arrested at a checkpoint and the type of breath test or other field sobriety test that you took.

The prosecutor has the burden of proof.

In your DUI case, it is up to the prosecutor to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that you were impaired while driving on a public street. An effective defense lawyer can poke holes in the prosecution’s case that may create that doubt and require you to be found not guilty.

It may be possible to negotiate a more favorable plea agreement.

By working with a lawyer who has had experience handling numerous DUI cases, you might be able to reach a much more favorable outcome in your case than you would if you just plead guilty. There is way too much at stake to not try to work out something better for your future.