Raleigh Shoplifting Case Led Investigators To Alleged Theft Ring - Sparrow Law Firm

Investigators recently made a connection between two adults who were charged with shoplifting and armed robbery and a 38-year-old who is accused of running a retail theft ring. At this point, the three have all been charged, but investigators believe more arrests tied to this alleged ring are most likely on the horizon.

According to police, last month a security guard at a Raleigh Sam’s Club approach a man and a woman about shoplifting.   The man reportedly pulled out a knife, before the two dropped the products and ran. However, even though he at first ran, the 30-year-old man ended up talking to investigators about his role in a larger retail theft ring.

According to investigators, the man said he would steal items and then sell these items for cash to a 38-year-old. He reportedly did this a number of times over the past year. This ended up sparking a sting, where the man sold these items under the watchful eyes of detectives. Once the transaction took place, the 38-year-old was arrested.

Police served a search warrant on the home of the 38-year-old. They ended up seizing more than 1,900 items, all of which reportedly came from Sam’s Club. According to the search warrant, these items included such things as tools, electronics, clothes and hygiene products.

Police believe the 38-year-old was paying for these stolen items, but then selling them at a flea market. He has since been charged with organized retail theft, along with possessing and receiving stolen goods/property.

Overall, this case goes to show how investigators will work to try and connect the dots. In this case, while the 30-year-old was originally a shoplifting suspect, he turned into playing a key role in the arrest of another.

When talking about theft cases, know the consequences of a conviction can affect a person’s life forever. This is why those accused of such crimes are highly encouraged to reach out for legal advice.

Source: WRAL.com, “Raleigh police bust major theft ring,” May 7, 2014