North Carolina Man Faces Murder Charge After Fatal Shooting - Sparrow Law Firm

North Carolina police are looking for a 23-year old man they think may be involved in a recent shooting that left a young boy dead and his mother critically injured. The man has been charged with several felonies, including murder and assault. He has not yet been taken into custody.

The man is accused of firing a gun into the side of an SUV. The vehicle contained the woman and her 9-year-old son. Both were injured in the gunfire and taken to a local hospital for treatment. The boy died a few days later. The woman is still recovering from her wounds, according to reports.

Police have not publicly released any motive for the incident. They have declined to comment about what, if any, relationship the man had with the people he allegedly shot. They say they cannot divulge any more information in an ongoing investigation.

The man thought responsible was previously convicted of armed robbery. He spent several years in prison and was released last year. Police are asking anyone who might have knowledge about his current location to call the area tip line.

Even if the man is found and brought into custody, he retains the same rights as anyone living in North Carolina or the rest of the country would if facing a murder charge. The severity of the current charge or existence of past transgressions does not change that. No matter the circumstances, he is entitled to a fair hearing in which he can present a defense and challenge the prosecution’s claims.

Source: The Herald-Sun, Man sought in fatal shooting of Durham child, Wes Platt, Jan. 22, 2014