Drug Charges Filed Against Three at Raleigh Convenience Store - Sparrow Law Firm

Convenience stores give shoppers a quick way to get in, grab a couple items and get back on the road in just minutes. Police say that shoppers stopping at a Raleigh convenience store were able to purchase synthetic marijuana.

The Capital Boulevard store’s owner now faces several drug charges, including selling synthetic cannabinoids, possession of the synthetic pot with intent to sell and deliver and maintaining a building to store and sell the substance. Two employees also face charges related to the alleged sales.

The owner, 44, also faces charges that he illegally possessed and sold bootleg CDs, as well as allegations that he sold alcohol without a proper state license.

Law enforcement officials said that in October, undercover investigators purchased 10 grams of the synthetic drug sold under the name “Godfather” and bought 10 grams of “Blaster” during a January visit to the store.

The two female employees, ages 29 and 30, were both charged with selling and possessing synthetic cannabinoids.

The manufactured substances are said to induce in users effects similar to those of marijuana.

North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement agents said that in addition to seizing synthetic marijuana from the store, they also took possession of pirated CDs, cash and “several open bottles of liquor,” according to the News & Observer.

The store apparently has a license to sell beer and fortified wine; a license that might now be reviewed, suspended or revoked by the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

The legal ramifications of the allegations against the store’s owner engulf not only his personal freedom, but his business. Before he discusses the details of the charges with prosecutors, he should sit down with a criminal defense attorney who can help him pursue his best available legal options.

Source: News & Observer, “Three accused of selling synthetic dope at Capital Boulevard convenience store in Raleigh,” Jan. 22, 2014