Woman Accused of Injuring People in Crash While Drunk Driving - Sparrow Law Firm

A woman was arrested earlier this month after police say she caused a car accident because she was drunk driving. The report on her arrest says she was trying to make an illegal turn, causing the accident. Not only is the woman now facing drunk driving charges, but she faces four felony counts of serious injury by vehicle. A report on the incident indicated that some of the other people involved in the accident had to be taken to a hospital for treatment, but it isn’t clear how many went for treatment.

When someone is accused of drunk driving in North Carolina, they might face fines, possible jail time and loss of a driver’s license if they are convicted. However, penalties for felonies are much more serious. A person accused of a felony could face prison time if they are convicted.

People should understand their rights when they are accused of crimes that involve other people. Sometimes they can be charged with additional crimes just from talking with authorities. Speaking with an attorney immediately after an arrest and before speaking with investigators might be a wise decision.

North Carolina laws can be strict on people accused of drunk driving. When a person is found to have offended in the past, they might need more substance abuse help than prison time. Depending on the charges that a person faces, and attorney may be able to help a person find the help that they need to prevent them from violating the law in a similar manner in the future.

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