STARR Program Provides Hope For Inmates Struggling With Addiction - Sparrow Law Firm

Durham County’s Substance Abuse Treatment And Recidivism Reduction program accepts men and women who volunteer or are court-ordered to participate. The STARR program, operating out of the Durham County Detention Facility, treats chemical dependency and addresses behaviors that may lead to criminal activity.

STARR includes a number of tactics to treat chemical dependency, including group therapy and addiction education. The program’s participants complete daily reading and writing assignments and attend weekly 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Participants must earn 92 out of 100 points to graduate from the program. They earn points by completing the aforementioned activities, in addition to general attendance and participation. The point system is designed to discourage “passive resistance” and encourage “positive behavior.”

Tomorrow we will examine the story of one man who successfully completed the program.

Source: Durham County NC, “Substance Abuse Treatment And Recidivism Reduction (STARR)”