North Carolina Man, Wrongly Convicted, Is Free After 20 Years - Sparrow Law Firm

Today we bring you another story of a North Carolina man held in prison too long, but for a different reason. Amazingly, after 20 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, the man says that he does not hold grudges. He has chosen a positive path, including regarding his situation with forgiveness and working and learning while in prison.

This man and three others were convicted of a 1987 murder in a case that used no physical evidence, relying significantly on one woman’s testimony — a story that the woman later changed.

After his release from prison, the man tells a local news station that he is innocent. He also indicates that he appreciates life’s small favors that most of us take for granted, such as being able to look up and see the stars at night.

To read further and to watch an interview with the man, please follow the link below.

Source: WNCT, “Man wrongly-convicted of murder sits down with 9 on your side,” Kristen Hunter, Aug. 16, 2013