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With a calendar filled with court dates, former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield said recently that he plans to get back into racing as soon as his legal troubles are resolved. Authorities in three North Carolina counties have charged Mayfield with a variety of crimes, and his time is currently spent defending himself rather than racing or spending quality time with his wife.

Mayfield learned earlier this week that his case in Catawba County will not be heard until December 2012. The 43-year-old is charged with possession of methamphetamine, and he maintains he is not guilty. In the next two weeks, he will appear in courts in Caldwell County and Iredell County to answer charges of larceny, possession of stolen goods, and felony breaking and entering, among others. He says he is not guilty of any of the crimes.

His problems do not end in the criminal courts, though. In May, a judge in Forsytth County resolved a civil claim against Mayfield by a postal carrier. The plaintiff claimed he was attacked by dogs on Mayfield’s property. Mayfield and his wife now must pay the plaintiff $1 million. The couple declared bankruptcy last spring in order to keep their house.

While waiting to begin his next full-time venture, Mayfield has been trying to make ends meet as a consultant in the racing business. He is also developing a precious metals recycling business with a partner.

Mayfield’s first love is racing, though, and he sees himself in drag racing or dirt races eventually. NASCAR may not be an option — he was suspended after he failed a drug test in 2009, which he says was a mistake — but he plans to be on the road as soon as he is cleared of the charges against him.

Source: Hickory Daily Record, “Despite criminal charges, Jeremy Mayfield vows to return to racing,” Sharon McBrayer, Sept. 5, 2012

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