Man Arrested on Drug Trafficking Charges During Traffic Stop - Sparrow Law Firm

Most of the time, people are not arrested for drug charges during a police drug bust or sting operation. Instead, many people who are charged with drug possession or trafficking are arrested after police pull them over on the road.

On Monday, August 24, North Carolina police arrested Raphael Walters Rogers for drug trafficking after they found 9.1 pounds of heroin in the car in which Rogers was riding. Investigators estimated that there were roughly 12,000 dosages of heroin, and each goes for about $60 these days.

Sampson County Sherriff Jimmy Thornton said that this is one of the “largest heroin seizures in southeastern North Carolina,” with the drugs worth about $720,000. Thornton also described heroin as a “highly dangerous drug” and said “I’m just thankful we were able to prevent this… from hitting the streets and causing harm to someone.”

Only Passenger Charged With Drug Crimes

Although Sherri Michelle Gore was driving the car in which the heroin was found, police decided that she did not know that Rogers was transporting heroin in his suitcase. She received only traffic citations for driving with a revoked license and expired registration.
Rogers, a passenger in the car that was pulled over during the traffic stop, was charged with two drug crimes: trafficking heroin by possession as well as trafficking heroin by transport. He is currently awaiting his court date in jail with bail set at $250,000.

Rogers has previously served time in prison for drug trafficking in the 1990s, and he was on probation for felony drug possession when he was arrested last Monday.

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