White Collar Crime Defense Lawyer in Raleigh

The term "white collar crime" is not actually used within state or federal court systems. In fact, it is generally used to describe those "nonviolent" crimes such as financial fraud, bank fraud and money laundering. Even though white collar crimes are considered nonviolent, it does not mean they don't carry harsh criminal penalties -- in some cases harsher penalties than violent crimes. Many individuals facing a white collar crime charge are facing more than just potential incarceration. Their life is on the brink of being ruined both personally and professionally. After years of working hard to get where they are, it all could go away just like that.

Put Your Future in the Hands of Someone With More Than 15 Years of Experience

If you are facing a white collar crime in North Carolina, these are valid fears that you may be having. We want you to stop fearing and take action by retaining one of our skilled and experienced white collar crime defense lawyers in Raleigh. Our founding and lead attorney Michelle Sparrow has more than 15 years of criminal law experience. Whether you have been charged with money laundering, mortgage fraud or public corruption, the Sparrow Law Firm can effectively defend you and seek a positive and better outcome. Contact us and schedule a free initial consultation.

More Than Just Criminal Penalties: the Social Stigma of White Collar Crimes

Many white collar crimes are associated with a social stigma of shame and outrage. For those in the health care and financial industries especially, there is a huge media outcry when it comes to financial crimes. A person charged is sometimes convicted by the media before he or she is ever given a fair trial. Our attorneys will fiercely protect not only your rights but also your reputation. In both state and federal court, we can strategically and intelligently defend you against all types of white collar crimes charges including:

  • Mortgage fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud
  • Financial fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Bank fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Computer fraud
  • RICO
  • Racketeering
  • Public corruption
  • Bribery/extortion

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When it comes to white collar crimes charges in North Carolina, we offer a hands-on approach and convenient appointments for our white collar criminal defense clients. Contact us today to learn more about our attorneys' defense experience in a free initial consultation.